Our Story


Elegant Studios is rooted through and was born from “Elegant Rumba Dance Company” which for years has become one of the most recognized Latin dance schools in the United States. Our dance studio serves as a meeting place for a large community of people who come together to support each other on their journey of dance, friendship, and new beginnings. Being that our dance classes are guided with elegance, style, and fun- it’s no coincidence our name is “Elegant Rumba Dance Company”.

As our community continued to grow, our studio began to be unable to occupy the capacity needed, leaving us no choice but to expand into a bigger space. We started off initially with inventory for our dance socials and events, but little did we know that something bigger would come of it. We gained a large interest from our community to rent the space for events, parties, and gatherings that were not dance related. With a mindful and purposeful intention of bringing this elegance to others outside of the dance community, a light within us sparked, creating Elegant Studios Event Center.


As we venture into the world of event planning, we feel honored to share our sacred space with anyone looking for the perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime. We know how exciting the planning process is and we are here for you, ready to make your vision of the perfect event come to life.

We cordially invite you to come visit our space. You will be awed not only by how gorgeous it is, but also by the beautiful energy that you can feel within the center.

We are deeply grateful to be a part of the important celebrations in your life’s journey.

Our Team

Who We Are


Nick MontoyaEvent Studio Owner

Giana MontoyaEvent Studio Owner


Anne ScottEvent Manager